Private coaching sessions focus specifically on you and your individual needs, to help you get to the heart of the issues you are exploring while providing you with the information you need to help you move forward in your desired direction. You can expect to find a warm, understanding and a caring atmosphere, where you are met, seen, listened to and accepted for who you are, without judgements or interpretation.   

Your first session will be dedicated to a review of your present situation and for us to get to know each other. If through this process we then decide to work together we will arrange an initial commitment, usually for an initial series of six sessions, and then subsequently by mutual agreement. 


The aim is to help you explore challenges that cause stress, tensions and anxiety in your life, including those created by work, family, or past trauma and to discover for yourself where they are coming from and which behaviours serve to exacerbate them. You will also learn self-help tools suitable for you that promote the resolve of these challenges and get you back on track to live a life of more balance, flow, enhanced productivity and wellbeing.


Sessions may include teaching you TRE®, specific relaxation techniques, breathing exercises, understanding of the stress, tension, anxiety or trauma related neurological processes and how to deal with stress induced thinking. 

My current fee is R850.00 per one-hour session, payable up-front, either by cash, cheque or electronic bank transfer unless a different arrangement has been made. You are at liberty to book as many sessions as you like.  GO BACK


"I was comfortable in sharing, without reserve any information and feelings with you. In your presence, I was confident and excited by the potential of moving further, discovering new levels of understanding of old information, beliefs and emotions. Thinking back I realize that the decision to meet you was driven from a deeper level then my own logic. I am excited by the potential of following this golden tread." G.O.


"I have been socialised to find primary value in being of service to others; my husband, our children, family, friends, colleagues and community. I saw taking time out for myself and my needs as selfish and self-centred. Selfless giving was a virtue for me until I burned out and had nothing left to give to anyone around me.. Thank you for providing a safe and caring  space where I reconnected with myself and discovered, with joy in my heart, that taking care of me is just as important as taking care of others." Jane M.   


While self-care methods on this web-site can have a positive effect on reducing stress, tension, anxiety and trauma

related symptoms, they are for guidance only, not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, treatment or cure. You should take the advice of a suitably qualified health professional if you have any concerns over stress-related illnesses, or if you are experiencing significant or persistent unhappiness. 


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