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“Trauma is actually NOT the story of what happened a long time ago; trauma is the residue that’s living inside of you now; causing uncomfortable sensations, panic reactions, anxiety, depression, uptight-ness, explosions, anger, physical or emotional pain and negative impulses.” Dr Bessel Van der Kolk 


Recent advancements in the treatment of trauma have shown that highly stressful life experiences can leave physiological imprints in our bodies and in our nervous system for many years after the event, and especially so, when we experience trauma or situations of extreme stress that cause us to fight, flee, or freeze in order to cope.  


This is because during a highly stressful event(s), an instinctive and intricate interaction of biological, neurological and nervous system reactions occur, subconsciously contracting the muscles of the body in order to protect the organism from harm. And unless these contractions are released and relaxed, the body’s nervous system remains in a constant state of fear and hyper-arousal, producing symptoms like chronic muscle tension, unexplained aches and pains, anxiety, insomnia, stomach pains, irritability, anger, lack of concentration, depression, headaches, hyper vigilance, worry and more.  


This retreat has been designed to give you better understanding of how trauma remains trapped in the body and to equip you with self-help methods and tools that can help you safely, naturally, and effectively begin self-releasing the instinctual and unconscious holding of trauma, without re-telling of the trauma narrative spending years in talk therapy or on medication. Interventions taught have been successfully used by many trauma survivors, care givers and emergency personnel who have reported a great reduction, or a complete recovery from their symptoms, after incorporating safe and natural self-care techniques into their daily routines.  


Here is a quick preview of what you will walk away with after attending this empowering retreat:


• Understand the neurobiology of trauma and how it can get trapped in the body for years after the event.


• Understand as to why memory and taking about trauma may not be necessary to heal from trauma and can be actually harmful.


• What you have most likely never been told as a trauma survivor that can give you strength and courage on the journey to recovery.


• Learn how to safely use Trauma Release Exercises for yourself, designed by a traumatologist Dr. David Bercelli, that activate neurogenic tremors, the body’s inherent and natural way of releasing stress, tension and traumatic experiences.


• Learn how to detect and treat difficult feelings and sensations in your body that you can’t verbalise.


• Learn tools that can instantly reduce anxiety and calm the body by regulating its nervous system.

• Learn how to start connecting to an internal sense of aliveness, joy and vitality that promotes healing from trauma. 


Self-care methods thought on this retreat are informed by personal experiences and from professionals in a field of trauma and neurology that hold understanding of what’s going on in the brain, body, and the nervous system of someone with unresolved trauma. 


Facilitator; Metka Zurman, a Life Coach, Advanced Trauma Release Provider and a Recovered Trauma Survivor who has found personal recovery and effective relief from trauma related symptoms, with using methods and techniques shared during this retreat.


Please note — this is NOT a therapy group or a QUICK FIX PROGRAM. The aim is to introduce you to self-help tools and skills that you can start using right away and long term, so you can better manage and potentially fully recover from bodily symptoms related to trauma.




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This retreat caters for women only. 


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