Step away from the demands of your busy life to release deep layers of stress, muscle tension, as well as trauma, calm the busy mind, boost the immune system and cultivate inner sense of peace, joy and wellbeing through Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises® & Therapeutic Drumming.


Tension & Trauma Releasing Exercises-TRE®

were created by Dr. David Berceli and consist of performing a simple set of exercises that activate gentle tremoring/shaking response which generates in the pelvic area of the Psoas muscles and reverberates outward along the spine, effectively releasing deep layers of stress and muscular tension, from the sacrum to the cranium, returning the body & mind back to a calm, balanced and relaxed state.  


Therapeutic drumming

The current medical research is now verifying what shamans of Mongolia to the Minianka healers of West Africa have known for thousands of years, that drumming rhythms promote healing and self-expression, boost the immune system, lower anxiety, treat depression, burn calories, synchronise the left and the right hemispheres of the brain,  increase white cells that help the body combat cancer as well as many other viruses, improve concentration and attention, release negative feelings, blockages and emotional traumas, and evoke inexplicable feelings of joy, excitement and wellbeing. 


When TRE & drumming are used together they form a strong healing partnership and create a powerful way to unite and heal the body, mind and spirit on a very deep level. They also deepen your trust in following the self-healing capacities of your body, increase your ability to be present, open you up to the courage of letting go, and help you re-connect with the intrinsic heart-space that can enable you to live more expansively and with increased inner knowing.

Women Only. No TRE® or drumming experience required, but also suitable for those who have drummed or done TRE® before.





  • Meet up, welcome, check in.

  • Guided self-regulation practice that connects to the inner space and rhythm within ourselves.

  • Guided TRE Session®

  • Break

  • The Healing Circle & guided playing of West African rhythms part 1  

  • Lunch break

  • The Healing Circle & guided playing of West African rhythms part 2  

  • Guided TRE Session®

  • Integration, closure, check out.  




5 April 2020  9:30 - 17:30




Early Bird: R1099.00 to be paid in full by 20th March. Thereafter: R1399.00 BOOKING ESSENTIAL


To maintain the integrity of the retreat space is limited to a small group. 


Retreat will be facilitated by Metka Zurman a life coach, TRE® provider, TRE® mentor, retreats facilitator and Djembe player. 

No TRE® or drumming experience required.


Women Only. 





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